Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hay, camp and more camp

The first cutting and baling of hay is complete. It just needs to be moved. Mother Nature delayed it several times with rain and high winds, but it is finally done. Now we will let it all grow for cutting number 2.

Friday we picked up the twins from Flaming Spirit Christian Camp. It is between Oregon and New Point MO and is the best camp ever!! (According to my girls, and I tend to agree, since that is where JD and I both went as kids). They had their cousins Natalie and Tory with them. Rebecca got sick on Thursday night, but managed to pull it through the rest of the week.

As soon as we got home from camp, we unpacked and repacked and headed back out the door to Mission Lake Christian Camp in KS. We were helpers for daycamp for 1st and 2nd graders. The theme for the day was the "Fruit of the Spirit". Our preacher, who was camp dean came up with a great edidable craft--fruit pizza. It was a hit. Also a hit, was the bus ride into the city pool. It had a zero gravity entrance and a two story slide. Even I went down the slide!

We have a two week break before the next camp-which hits right after VBS and the horse show for the county fair.

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