Friday, July 12, 2013

Yes, we are still alive...

It has been awhile since I posted, and I got a note asking if we were still alive.  I am. June and early July are our busy time of the year.

Since my last post, we have had several weeks of church camp, put up hay, been gardening, put in some days working at Kansas Speedway, doing some part time child care for the summer, had company from back home and Ireland, thrown our annual July 4th bash, lots of mowing, broke the mower, then did more mowing, been to the local races, worked on the basement, had the county fair, and more.

Rebecca has been shooting the 22 in 4H.

Rebecca has also been doing archery for 4H.

The pool sure helps beat the heat for the little ones when they want to go out to play.  And much better than being cooped up inside all day.

 My "office" at Kansas Speedway.  I was stationed at turn 3 for tire testing.  The 90 car takes 31 seconds to go around the track--that's around 174 mph

Our tomatoes have started to ripen!

 Rebecca backing up the truck and trailer so we could unload the mower.

 A surprise pumpkin plant.  It came from beside the compost pile, growing out of the remains of last years jack o lanterns.  So, I just fenced it off and let it go.  I am afraid if I move it, I may kill it.

Elizabeth heading out to the pasture to help move up hay bales.

Dog was after the cat.  Cat won.

Cat also won this round of tag--she is on top a 6 ft pole pretty much laughing at the dog.


Anonymous said...

More photos!! Love the photos. We farmed before we retired and photos are a joy to see of a farm family.

Anonymous said...

It appears that cat is perhaps sticking its tongue out at the dog???