Monday, July 15, 2013

In this house......

In this house, we:

Eat "all rotten potatoes" (augratin potatoes)

Eat "chickens afraid of dough" (chicken alfredo)

Drink cow juice (milk)

Know that I know EVERYTHING because "old people know everything and she is really really old so she knows it all"

Don't make cookies that have green beans or lima beans in them because that would be yucky.

Don't allow others to come into the bathroom when we are in there, but its ok to walk in on others...  (we are still working on this one big time)

We don't understand the difference between Adam and Eve and Obama and Michelle, because how can they all be the first man and first lady...(still working on explaining this one too).

Fight naps if we are under 6, while those of us 7 and older would love to have a nap.

Never have a toy free yard or livingroom.

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