Monday, July 29, 2013

The little a trash man

This post will probably sound silly to city people, and a waste to farm/off grid/self sufficient people....but, we got a trash dumpster!!!!

Such a silly thing to get excited over.  We have not had one in the entire time we have been married.  The husband had one at one time, but the company he used then backed into the barn with their trash truck and that ended that....

We have been burning our trash, and taking the recycling elsewhere.  But, that leaves the pain of having to empty the trash barrels.  Dogs and coyotes get into them--(even the cats and chickens have had their share of being caught in the trash barrels, and I have even had a hen who laid eggs in one.)   And, not to mention the barrels are always needing to be replaced, at $15 each

So, we signed a year contract and will try this for a year.  An entire farm, and all kinds of space...but we finally think we know where to put i., at least for awhile to see if it does or doesn't work there.

We will still burn items we don't want blowing around in the dump, such as papers, especially those with personal information on them or bills.

I will still recycle the glass, metals and most plastics, and some cardboard. (Other cardboard gets used to cover or be the bottom of our raised bed gardening).

Sounds like there should be nothing left to trash, but their always is.  Our basement got wet awhile back and that was when it really hit us--what to do with all that wet ruined stuff.  So, for a year, we will try to do trash like the "city people".  At least that will get us through the basement cleaning.

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Anonymous said...

well, i guess if you compost, recycle and reuse, thats better than sending it all to the dump...