Friday, July 12, 2013

Garden and Yard Woes

Last summer we had the drought.  It continues to effect us this summer as well, even though we have had rain.
These apples should be 5 times bigger, and 10 times more of them.

So far, I think we have lost 1 oak tree for sure, possibly 3.  Our weeping willow has also given it up.

In the orchard, my grapes are looking poorly, and I think I have lost 4 grape plants. They do have grapes on them, but few and small.

I lost all my blueberries, but then I found a small wild blueberry bush which I will try to transplant.
The peaches are tiny, few, and bees have stung them all. 

Half of this peach tree is dead--another reminder of last summers drought.

This peach tree is full of little holes in the leaves. I have not found any insects on it.  Any ideas??

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