Sunday, August 19, 2012


If you are on facebook, please join this event, created by my 16 year old niece Molly in memory of our  Debbie (her mom) who we lost from cancer in January.  Then, after you join, invite all your facebook friends.

She has created this as a cancer awareness day.  You can do it from anywhere, requires no money, and the only time involved is as long as it takes you to write the word cancer on the bottom on your shoes. Say a prayer as you do for cancer patients, survivors, families and the medical personnell.   If you don't want to write on your shoe bottoms, write it on tape and stick it to the bottom of your shoe.

It is a public event, entitled WORLDWIDE STEP ON CANCER 2012
October 24 at 12:00am until October 25 at 12:00am

"2nd Annual worldwide step on cancer :) All you have to do is write cancer on the bottom of your shoes!!! This is a symbolic event. tol have a sense of togetherness and show people going through cancer that they are not alone in their fight! Lets do this! Lets STEP ON CANCER!!! if you have any questions you can msg me on facebook.

I know I made an event for September 2, but that was before my mother passed away. My mother, Debbie Espey passed away on January 12, 2012 and she will forever be in our hearts ...
and minds. October 24 is my mothers birthday and i want to do another worldwide event like i did last time.

STEP ON CANCER was created by me last year. I first came up with the idea after I thought about something my mom said to my brother. My mother jokingly asked my brother if he was shooting cancer cells while playing call of duty. I then thought well why dont I just STEP ON CANCER. This is an event that can be done anywhere on Earth and by anyone. All you have to do is litterally write CANCER on the bottom of your shoes and walk. You can do this anywhere, at the store, work, school, anywhere at all!!

Cancer is an evil, evil thing. It is not something to be taken lightly and i know for a fact that almost everyone has dealt with some kind of cancer.

So I ask you... Will you join me in the event to STEP ON CANCER?"

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I'm in, but don't have facebook