Wednesday, August 1, 2012

This years homeschooling plan....

We are somewhat changing our homeschooling plan for this year.

In the past, the girls have shared my PC and only done a few things school wise on the computer (such as their typing class and some online courses I purchased).  This year, we are doing most of our schoolwork on computer.

Most of our work will be SOS (Switched on Schoolhouse).  Since we school year around, our year actually began July 1.  I started them with some electives at that point, which included SOS History of Missouri, and Health.  We also added in Amanda Bennetts Elections 2012 and Digital Photography. (Amanda Bennett has WOMDERFUL unit studies, that are not expensive at all, and can be reused many times).

I have ordered, but not yet received SOS language, math/algebra 1, history/geography/civics , science and language.

Each of the girls now has her own working laptop and later on I am planning on having a neighboring homeschool family help me to create a home network to link them together. These are the same boys who I sometimes hire to help with fencing and such.

SOS does not require you to be online as you do your lessons, although you do need to get online to check for updates and such.  It is more expensive, but I have bought most of mine used, and can use it for all the kids, so the price is much more reasonable.

Amanda Bennetts unit studies work better if you are online, because all through them she has links you can click on for online assistance, illustrations, videos, examples and such.

We are finding it much easier to work when away from home when you only have to take your laptop, instead of 3 totes full of books and materials.  There is still some writing, reading and such that is required, but no actual textbooks at this point.  This is also giving them more computer skills that they will need for college. (All the girls are now in highschool).

Of course we will still be attending our weekly homeschool coop, the annual science fair, annual spelling bee, music lessons, church and youth group, sports, fieldtrips, community choir, church camps, science camp, 4H and scouting and such.  We count all those activities as part of our schooling as well.  And, no all these activities don't always occur at the same time--some are a once a year event!!

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