Thursday, August 9, 2012

For Christian Singles in NW Missouri....

 Please allow me to introduce myself.  I am Matthew Burnett.  I am a 23 year old Christian and home school graduate living at Cameron, Missouri.

I lead a Christian singles group called Peradventure. We meet in Cameron on Friday nights, and want to extend an invitation to other young Christian singles who are looking for a opportunity for fellowship and meeting like-minded people. We are not exclusively a homeschool graduate group, but so far all of our members have been. It is very casual, but with a serious purpose. We are nondenominational and not out to convert anyone, but welcome different faiths. There is not a set age range, but I am focusing on 20-Somethings, or those in their teens or 30's. We are presently studying the book: What He Must Be by Voddie Baucham.  Our mission statement and the directions are below.

Directions to the Old School in Cameron

From Interstate 35 exit onto Highway 36 west

Exit from Highway 36 at the overpass onto Highway 69 (Walnut Street.)

Drive south into town to the 3rd stoplight, where Walnut intersects 4th Street.

There is a gas station on the northwest corner (right hand side,) and a car dealership on the southeast corner (left hand side.)

Turn west (right) onto 4th Street.

Drive 3 blocks on 4th to Cherry Street.

The Old School is a 3 story brick building on the north side of 4th Street, between the 2nd and 3rd blocks.

McCorkle Park is on the other side of 4th Street.

Turn north (right) onto Cherry Street.

Turn right again into the parking lot of the Old School, and park.

The meeting is in on the 2nd floor.  Entering the building from either the front or the back, you will walk up one flight of stairs.

I believe that it is important to have name for this group and the vision that it entails, instead of merely calling it a singles group.  It is a singles group, but that phrase does not lend itself well to the full picture of all of the plans that I have in mind for this project, and much like “homeschooling” the word likely means different things to different people based upon their experiences.  Since I consider this a simple yet fairly original idea in all its many facets, I think it is best to have a name that will eventually express who we are, instead of a term that might not.


adv. Archaic

Perhaps; perchance.


Chance or uncertainty; doubt.

[Middle English per aventure, from Old French, by chance : per, through (from Latin; see per) +aventure, chance; see adventure.]

The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition copyright ©2000 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Updated in 2009. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company. All rights reserved.

I chose this for several reasons.  First of all, it gives a nod to potentiality; in that the purpose of this group is to find spouses.  Second, the word obviously has adventure within it, which is appropriate since I consider this project an adventure.  Third, the word is an archaic one, and although I do not think that the past has all the answers, I do think that past traditions are worth examining for guidance in the present.

Mission Statement for Peradventure

The fundamental purposes of Peradventure are to create an opportunity for eligible Christian single men and women with the future intent to marry to become acquainted, to provide a community of friends to prevent loneliness in the meantime, and to help our members grow and mature with education and experience in order to be better future spouses.

Possible activities (keeping our nonexistent budget and the mission statement in mind.)

Guest speaker, book discussion, scavenger hunt, movies, bowling, day trip, art or history museum, board or card games,  cooking/ potluck meal/cookout, plays, miniature golf, tie-dye, obscure holiday party.

We meet Friday nights, 7:00 PM at the Old School, 2nd floor.  The address is 116 West 4th Street, Cameron.

If you have any questions please call, Matthew Burnett, (816) 575-2798.

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