Friday, February 24, 2012

You know your a redneck when...

Or, at least that you live in a small farming town when.....The local high school has a drive your tractor to school day.  The FFA started it years ago, and today was the day for this school year.  We went by the high school a few minutes after school let out, to see the parade of tractors leaving the parking lot.  Staff and students alike drove their tractors to school for the day.  This morning on her way to school she sent me a text saying the bus just passed the high school secretary on her way to school on her tractor.  Daughter number 3 goes to the local high school (the other 2 still at home are homeschooled).  

Here is a few pictures of the parking lot after a good part of them had already left.  I missed getting the camera out in time to get the parade as they left.
This last picture makes me wonder...Was this a staff tractor or a student tractor, and what was parked first??  The cars on either side?? or the tractor??  If that was a kid backing in between the two cars, they did some pretty fancy backing.


syds1girl said...

That was so funny! I work for the postal service; I fill in at 7 of our small offices in towns around us. At one of them we had a customer who daily drove his tractor to the Post office. He came quite a distance by road, but on his tractor he could just come over the fields! You could always hear Mike when he drove in. I LOVE the tractors-to-school thing! thanks for this fun post.

Jenn said...

Too funny! Looks like something that would happen around here!