Sunday, February 12, 2012

A Lazy Sunday afternoon....

Yesterday was a full day.  I taught a CPR class in the morning, a first aid class in the afternoon, then we went out to eat last night.  No cooking!!

Then, up this morning for church.  But today is another no cook day, as it is our church's Love Banquet tonight.   (Our church loves to eat and we have breakfast at church as well, between church and Sunday School).  My parents came up for it as well as my mother and sister in law.  The youth of the church are doing the cooking right now, and decorating this afternoon and serving and any tips they receive will go into the youth fund to help with camp fees and youth summer activities.  (They also have garage sales, and wash cars, do odd jobs and such for donations as well.)

So, we are spending the afternoon hanging out in the house with my parents a particular little redheaded baby (who wants to play and not nap...), playing with firetrucks and green tractors.  Life is good.

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