Monday, February 13, 2012

Snow Day

It started snowing during the night, enough that the area public schools cancelled, and a few businesses.  It really wasn't that much, only a couple inches, but it was slick in many places and we had some drifting.  We have had a couple of flakes fall this winter season, but this is about the first time it actually stuck and lasted.  I don't think the sun really did come out--it peeked out a few times but that was about all.
We slept in for awhile today as our beds were nice and warm.  No school for Emily, and light school for my homeschoolers as our homeschool coop was also cancelled, and some reading.  When I peeked out at 11, all I saw was a lone set of dog tracks on one of the porches..

So, we decided to stay in and stay warm today.  There is a crockpot of chili on, so eating is on your own--when your hungry, just dish it out.

Tonight's Community Choir is cancelled, so at 5:30 I already have my pj's on with some hot tea and hot cocoa.

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