Saturday, February 18, 2012

Red Lobster Entertainment

Tonight the husband, and 2 of our daughters and I went to Red Lobster for supper.    I have stock in Darden (owners of Red Lobster, Olive Garden and more) and when they have a profitable quarter, as a stockholder I get a gift certificate and we used it.  Orginally we were going for a late lunch, but had company show up, so it got delayed to supper.  Never again on a Saturday night.  It was packed when we got there, and our estimated 20 minute wait was over 30, but we finally got seated.  It was just as packed with a long waiting line when we left over an hour later.

We had an older couple (he told the waitress he was 92) slowly toter to the table beside us.  I couldn't tell who was holding who up.  Then they each had a couple of alcoholic drinks...(well, I was wondering at that point if they would be able to walk out afterwards).  Listening to them made my day.  According to her, he was to vain to wear his hearing aides while out, and she was tired of repeating everything three times every Saturday when they went out to eat.  She finally made him get up and move over closer to her so he could hear her better.  (Which later proved to be the perfect location for him to sit while cracking his lobster to make his shells fly and land in my purse...)

3 different people had to come out of the kitchen for their very percise cooking instructions.  Her things all had to be boiled (even her fish--yuck!).  He wanted the lobster that had the green band on its left claw from the tank in front.  He used to live in Maine, (I heard that 40 times at least, and he knew how to pick a lobster and how to fix lobster).  He told the waitress and all the kitchen help how he wanted it fixed--how long to boil it, how much water and how much salt in the water.

When their food arrived, they were happy with it.  They told the waitress it was their 70th anniversary.  They were eating off of a gift card that their children and grandchildren send them every year for their anniversary.  The card was enough for them to eat at Red Lobster once a month all year long.  Their daughters were both doctors (back in Maine, you know).  He also told her she was the best waitress they had had, and they had been eating out together for 74 years.

I hope I am that spry when I am 92.  They were a cute couple.

We left before they did, I hope they made it out ok, after their drinks!!

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