Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter wonderland...(I wonder when it will leave??)

We got our blizzard. I have always told the girls it snowed much deeper when I was a kid. Maybe its from global warming, or maybe, as one of the girls pointed out to me, my knees are higher now since I am an adult! Now they finally got their deep snow. It is hard to tell how much we actually got, as it was very windy, but I'd say 10 inches at least. In some areas of the yard we have 2 inches. In other parts of the yard, we have 4 feet. It still is blowing some and drifting. Our driveway was blocked completely, then the wind pretty much cleared it. Hopefully I can get out later today in 4 wheel drive. The last time I checked, we still had not had a snowplow down our road.

Over by the barn we park the trailers. You can walk right into the flatbed trailer. On our camper, the snow comes up about a foot below the windows.

Today I had to empty the snow out of the house windows. It was such a fine snow, that it blew in through the screen and blocked out the sunlight. We did loose our phone and power for a short time as well. We are low on propane, but on "the list". I called it in on Monday, but I doubt they delivered much Tues or this morning due to the roads. We may be heating with wood again before this is over.

The weatherman was calling for 6-12 inches, then it changed to 6-18 inches, then 12-18 inches. Last one I heard said we could get up to 22 inches. On the satellite view of the weather map, our state is a solid white. For a good part of Tuesday, visibility was zero,at least here at the farm. In town it was probably better, as they have buildings to block it and slow it down some.

Kansas City got hit hard as well. My husband and his crew barely made it into work. His company is putting their employees up in a hotel by his workplace, as most of them commute. Seems odd for him not to be home.

Parts of I 70 and 50 Highway were also closed. A friend of ours who is with the National Guard was called in.

The dogs aren't too crazy about the snow this time. They had fun playing in it the first few times it snowed, but don't want anything to do with it this time. The chickens and peeking ducks are staying in the coop, but the Muscovy ducks don't seem to mind it.

Needless to say, I am wanting spring to come early. They say the groundhog didn't see his shadow, so it should be early. But, really, how could he see his shadow? The poor guy couldn't even dig his way out of his burrow!

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