Wednesday, February 16, 2011

All Homeschoolers are invited to a Spelling Bee

We have done this spelling bee since we first found it. My girls have a lot of fun. What I like, is that it isn't until May, but they are given the words in February to study. So, this week on, our spelling words will change to those on the list.
What do we learn from the spelling bee??
#1. How to spell!
#2. Pronouncations and definitions of words, as many on the lists are new words to us.
#3. We learn to plan. Every year you see 3 types of kids at these events. First you see the one who started studying from the day it was announced and does well. Then you see the ones who "kinda" studied and did "ok". Then, you see the ones who "bombed" and admit that they didn't look at the words until the night before. Usually the kids will be up front and tell their peers at the end of the bee how much studying they did. We learn from that and know that to be successful you need to plan ahead and study!

If you follow the links below, you can see the words for this year. Even if you can't attend, you may want to use some of the words in your spelling units.

Note, you do NOT have to be a member of the CPHE homeschool group to attend. They open it to all homeschoolers!

If you don't homeschool, but are thinking about it, this is one of those events you can come to and meet parents, get ideas and observe--volunteer to be a judge and get a feel for it!!

Announcing the Clay Platte Home Educators Regional Spelling Bee

Friday, May 6 at 10:00 a.m.

Registrations are open


Platte Woods United Methodist Church

7310 NW Prairie View Road

Platte Woods, MO 64151

Near I-29 and 72nd Street

This relaxed spelling bee is for students who want a friendly bee but with real competition. It is open to any homeschool student* who is in grades one through twelve. A copy of the rules, guidelines and word lists can be found at:

To have a successful bee we really need judges, so please consider serving your homeschool community in this way. Parents of participants may serve as judges.

Registrations are due April 22rd. We need to have at least two spellers in a level to hold the bee for that grade. If there are not enough registered spellers in a particular level the speller will be notified by April 25th and will be given the option of competing at the next highest grade level.

To register, volunteer, or ask questions you may contact Kellie Wiersma at:

Cost to participate in the bee: **

CPHE member: $5 per speller - ($20 max per family) plus one plate of
refreshments to share with the group
Non-member: $7 per speller - plus one plate of
refreshments to share with the group

Those registering should send the following information:

Student Name
Student Grade
Parent Name
Parent Email
Parent Phone number

CPHE Member? Y/N

Once this information is received you will be given instructions for sending your payment.

Judging volunteers should send the following information:

Name, email and phone number.

* CPHE defines a Missouri homeschool as one that is in full compliance with Missouri homeschool law for ages 7-16. Students outside this age group must receive at least 50% of their education at home, exclusive of enrichment programs and/or college courses. Residents outside Missouri must be in compliance with the homeschool law in their state.

** Accommodations can be made on an individual basis if the registration fees are too much of a burden for your family.

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