Saturday, February 5, 2011

Dog Show

Today our counties 4H clubs worked in St Joseph cleaning at the dog show. For their efforts, they earned $500. It was also a good opportunity for the 4H kids who had dog projects to observe a dog show and learn more about their care, grooming, and breeds.

That was the first time I had been to a professional dog show. Wow. I saw dogs that I didn't even know existed. Dogs that had monkey heads, dogs with a collie looking under carriage and a dalmatian looking top. Big dogs and little dogs. Loud dogs and quiet dogs. Dogs that looked like mops, bears and well, sorry, but some that looked like rats.....Dr. Seuss would have had a blast writing about the dogs at this show!

I did wonder though, how many of these "dog show people" had kids, and how their kids were treated. I've been to plenty horse shows and have seen all the fancy trailers, but had no idea that people had huge trailers for tiny dogs... Some of these people had very expensive trailers, dog strollers, kennels, and more. Not that I think that is wrong, I just hope their dogs don't come before their children. I don't know, maybe for most of them their dogs were their children, but it gave me something to think about.

It was fun, and if asked to do it again next year, we would.

Right now we have a rain mixed with sleet/snow coming down. Hopefully it won't cause too many hazards.

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