Sunday, May 10, 2009

Support this bill please!!

Legislative Update

May 8, 2009: Jefferson City

Autism Insurance Bill STILL alive in House !!!

This week at the capitol, the state budget bills took priority over most everything, and most the the legislative attention was focused on finishing the state budget by the required deadline of May 8. Now, the budget is behind them, and all the appropriations bills have been agreed on and are headed to the Governor's desk. We now expect the legislators to turn to the other issues not yet addressed this session, such as health care, and many of us are advocating for autism insurance reform to be addressed this session as well!

SB 167 has only a narrow chance, but is still hanging in there! SB 167 was discussed in the House Rules committee on Thursday, and will be brought back up on Monday. That will leave only a few days for the bill to be put on calendar, debated, and voted on, and then make a quick pass through the Senate to approve changes.

THE BUZZ: SB 167 has a lot of hurdles still left with time running out, but it appears that support from legislators is growing, as they realize the good potential fiscal impact of the bill for the state of Missouri and for families!

Click here is an online petition you can sign to support autism insurance reform!


Autism Project bill is "Truly Agreed To and Finally Passed" and will be heading to Governor for approval !!!

Missouri Autism Commission members appointed and confirmed by Senate this session - Parent members appointed are David Crowe of Cape Girardeau and Lee Bascom of St. Louis.
Click here for more info!

***If you are contacting your legislators, the best advice is to stay positive in any of your messages
(whether calling, emailing, faxing, or writing)
and thank everyone for their time and attention to our issues!

(written by G.K. Luetkemeyer, an "autism mom" at the Capitol)

Watch for email updates this week
regarding ACTIVITY on bills!

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May 20, 2009
Meeting of the Missouri Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorders, Jefferson City

June 10, 2009
MOFEAT Heart & Sol Fundraiser in St. Louis

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Missouri Autism Coalition "AUTISM BUZZ"

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