Thursday, May 14, 2009

Replies received

In response to the SB 291, I sent an email to both my state rep (Jim Guest) and my senator (Brad Lager). I am happy to report back that they both responded to my email. Jim's response was the bill would be corrected today. Brads was that he would watch for it. I will keep you updated!

Last night I made a big batch of salsa. We ate it with supper on top of baked potatoes and it was good!! I never make mine the same way twice, but based on the refrigerator contents. This time it was: diced tomatoes, diced sweet onion and purple onion, diced bell pepper, salt, lime juice and cilantro. I also added just a little garlic. Its pretty good!

This afternoon we plan on working in the garden a little more. I held off yesterday on putting more plants in as it was to rain heavy and storm. I didn't want them washed out. However, the storm missed us, except for some thunder and lightening.


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

April~I have been so busy. I missed these emails. Do you mind sending them to me?
Thank you!

April said...

They are on their way to you!