Monday, May 4, 2009

Garden beginnings FINALLY

Last night the girls had a regular club meeting for 4H. The club did a service project for the local nursing homes. They planted hanging pots with flowers to be delivered before Mothers Day. 4H meets in the ag room and the leader is the FFA leader. We were able to buy 25 tomatoes and 18 bell peppers that were left over from their plant sale.

After we got home we started to disc the garden (in the dark). It was finally starting to dry out some. I got about the first 40 feet done, then the tractor got stuck--twice. After managing to get it unstuck the second time, I decided to wait another day and hope it didn't rain more. This morning it sprinkled some, but not enough to affect the garden too much. Where I disc last night, the earth was much dryer this evening. So, I went over it again, and disced the remainder of the garden. The second part will need it one more time tomorrow (weather permitting) then I can till and start putting my plants in. First priority will be given to my potatoes and horse radish(which are sprouting on the dining room table) and my tomatoes and peppers, which are also on the dining room table. It will be nice to have the entire table back again!

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Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Oh so much fun~I just wish we would warm up some. This is a bit cool for us. I am ready to get going but the weather puts me in a blah~mood! Maybe soon!
It looks like you all were having fun!