Friday, May 1, 2009

"Splash Kingdom" Musical & events in KC and Columbia MO

Tonight the girls and I went into Kearney at watched "Splash Kingdom", a Christian musical. It was put on by one of the classes at New Life Homeschool Fellowship, and was at the building coop meets in. It was very very good. The class had very good singers and actors in it. The teacher was Bonnie Pooker and as usual, she did a very good job. Bonnie is a wonderful Christian lady who is very talented and can play numerous musical instruments and so can her children.

Despite rain being in the forecast for today, it did not rain. But the long term forecast says it is to rain daily through next Wednesday. Will I ever get my garden in????

Right now I am researching internet options. Where we live, we only have the option of century tel (not merged with Embarq). All that is offered in my rural area is dial up and it is very very slow. Right now I am running at 21.8 Kbps which is about our average speed. Hughesnet satalite is in our area, but very very costly. So, now I am checking into wireless options. We have our classroom in the basement, so I am assuming that if our cell phones don't work in the basement, neither will wireless? This is not my area of expertise, so I am rather confused as what to try. Ideally, I want something inexpensive that would allow more than one computer online at the same time. There are some classes that the girls need internet for, and being able to all do our typing at the same time on line would be a huge help for scheduling.

If anyone has any suggestions, fire them at me please!!
Below is from an email I received today. If you are in the KC area, you might want to check this out!

Evolutionary Theory Continues to Damage Many Young People!

Our church is sponsoring training to equip young people and adults to
conduct 5 Day Creation Clubs this summer. The teachers for this
training are energetic, godly young adults who have worked extensively
in both a creation ministry, and also much with Child Evangelism
Fellowship. The Stan Myers family's ministry is called "Creation 2
Christ." They are from Pensacola, Florida.

This training will be conducted at our church, Grace Christian
Fellowship in Kansas City, KS, in June. Our family here in St. Joseph
would like to be able to teach a 5 Day Creation Club in this area.
Would you be able to "host" or suggest a place for this wonderful
teaching? We are looking for an area where a number of children -
perhaps many unchurched - could be invited and attend, either daytime,
or evening - particularly in July. These clubs are usually held
outdoors - often with "plan B" in case of rain.

We will provide everything needed as far as supplies, teachers, and
refreshments! Also, we are willing to help invite those in your
neighborhood, or in a neighborhood which you might suggest. For
apartment housing, the managers need to be asked first.

If you are interested in hosting a Creation Club, please contact us!
Or, if you're interested in knowing more about the Creation 2 Christ
Ministry, and the training which they offer, we'd be glad to tell you!

Debby, for the Dennis Greer family
816 253-9050
And, if you are in the Columbia MO area, this one is for you!

> I'd love to let your network know about a wonderful event for moms and
> tween daughters coming up Saturday, May 9 at 9 am - 11:30 am at Woodcrest
> Chapel in Columbia, MO. It's the Faithgirlz "Beauty of Believing" Tour
> event, featuring tween expert and author Nancy Rue. This fun and
> inspirational morning out for moms and their tween daughters (ages 9 - 12)
> features Nancy's messages on Friendship Flubs, Girl Politics, Body Talk
> and loving the person God has made them to be - all presented in a way
> girls love and moms appreciate! There will also be a craft, lots of great
> giveaways and refreshments, plus everyone who attends receives a book!
> Local news anchor Teresa Snow of KRCG, also a homeschool mom, will be our
> emcee! This event is sponsored by the Christian children's publisher
> Zonderkidz. We hope your homeschool parents will attend - and bring a
> friend or neighbor! More information on Nancy Rue and the event can be
> found at For tickets, contact Woodcrest,
> 573-445-1131, or register online at The church is
> located at 2201 West Nifong, Columbia MO 65203. Tickets are $10 each, $12
> day of.
> Any way you can help spread the word would be greatly appreciated! If you
> have more questions, please feel free to contact me.
> Many thanks!
> Marisela Rodriguez
> Public Relations Intern
> 616.656.3826 (P)
> 616.698.3578 [F]
> 5300 Patterson SE
> Grand Rapids, MI 49530


drummerdave said...

My name is Dave I live in Kansas City and I noticed you are using Arm & Hammer Washing Soda in some of the homemade cleaners on your site. I have been trying to find this washing soda locally and am having no luck. Could you give me a list of some stores that stock this product? Please? Maybe send me an email to and fill me in.
Dave from K.C.

April said...

I normally get mine at Price Chopper or Hy Vee in Liberty. If one is out, the other usually has it.

(Dont get it at Walmart. They don't carry it and will argue with you that the washing soda is the same as baking soda. It is not.)

Some small hardware stores also carry it. The few times that I have not seen it on a shelf both HY Vee and Price Chopper have offered to order it and have it in within 2 days.