Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Snow Storm??

Depending on what weatherman you follow, we may be getting a major winter storm of 1-3 inches of snow, or we may be getting sleet and ice, or we may be getting both.

I'm hoping all the weathermen are wrong, but friends of mine in KS are reporting snow in their area, while other friends in KS are reporting their rain is now changed into sleet.  So, I'd say at least one of those weather predictions is correct.   I'd rather have neither, but given a choice, I'll take the snow over the iced

We have 3 drivers living at home.  To get in and out of our place in the winter often requires 4 wheel drive.  We have 3 for wheel drive trucks, is currently in the shop.  This could get interesting.  All 3 are due to get their state inspection the next few days and licensed.  It won't be fun driving back and forth to get all that done in snow or ice.  Nor will it be fun to finish up the rest of the Christmas shopping in.

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What I find interesting however, is when I was a kid, a "snow storm" was not defined as 1-3 inches.  It meant snow was up over my knees.  And, yes, my knees were more than 1-3 inches off the ground.  I always had "long legs".  And, it seemed that the snow was always over the top of my boots, getting my feet wet.  To counter act that, my mom would have me wear bread sacks over my socks, before I put my boots on.  However, it usually didn't work...  I remember several deep Missouri snows, but the deepest snow falls I remember from my childhood were those in Indiana.  For some reason the Indiana snows seemed prettier than Missouri snows-probably because they were deeper and stayed cleaner longer.  Memories of childhood.

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