Thursday, December 6, 2012

Prayers for our local high school please

One of my daughters is public schooled.  Last school year she had a rough year with the death of several family members.

This year, the school year has been rocky for her entire school.  A few months ago one of their teachers passed away from cancer.  One of the students father passed away.  Yesterday, one her her classmates took her life.

Please be in prayer for the students and staff of her high school.  This is a small town, and the entire school is smaller than what my graduating class was.

I don't think any adults have a clue what today's teens face.  Peer pressure, being laughed at over small things, driving high dollar cars, latest cell phones and electronic gadgets, drugs, alcohol, sex, dating, being parents at age 16, fights, racial issues and more.  When I was a student, half that stuff didn't exist (cell phones and such).  Yes, we had pressure, but not what it is like now.  Even one of her younger teachers, who is just barely out of college made a comment about how it has changed since she graduated from high school just 6 years ago.

Homeschoolers have the advantage of avoiding many of these pressure points, and the advantage of often having more supervision or observation and one on one time.  If she were to decide to come back to homeschooling with her sisters, it would be fine with me.


syds1girl said...

She certainly has been facing some tough and tragic things. Yes, I agree. We didn't have to deal with all that. I will pray for her and for her high school.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher. Yes, it is MUCH worse today than ever. I believe this is for several reasons.
#1. In todays world, both parents work. Since both parents work, more income comes in for items that are deemed necessary (but really are not), such as the cell phones, ipods, laptops, designer clothes and more. That creates more peer pressure for those who don't have these items. Also, with the mother out of the home, there is less supervision of the child. Parents are not home to see their child bullying or to see that their child is being bullied.

#2. One or two generations ago, we didn't have some of the items that cause todays problems--we had no facebook or twitter for kids to gossip on. We had no cell phones for texting mean messages.

#3. Teacher have less control in the public school classroom that we have ever had before. School administrations no longer back up a teacher if there is a displinine problem as they did in the past.

#4. We took God out of the schools.

#5. Kids are no longer taught respect by their parents or teachers. We don't teach them to even respect themselves--which is why schools now hand out birth control. A 13-18 year old has no business letting his or her body being disprected by sex outside of marriage, yet the school districts support that by giving out birth control by the school nurse and by providing transportation to planned parenthood for students who ask for it.

#6. Surveys show that less students attend church now than ever. Church should be present in their lives--it is another support net, kids should be able to discuss problems with their youth group peers and Sunday School peers.

#7. Kids of all ages date now. Used to be 16 or 17 was the age to start dating. Yet, I see 12 and 13 year olds on unsupervised dates. They are still children, not capable of making dating decisions.

#8. More and more parents take the attitude that "they are going to do it anyway", so they buy their children cigerettes, alcohol or put their daughters on birth control, often while they are still in junior high. By providing these items to their children, they are sending a statement that such behavior is fine and supported by their parents.

#8. Schools no longer have or support dress codes.

#9. Ever listen to the words of todays popular music?? Its filthy and demoralizing.

#10. Why do schools now have police in them, and metal detectors at the doors??

#11. Parents need to look at the required reading lists at many of the public schools. Some of the books contain filthy language, support homosexuals and are books that were banned one or two generations ago. Yet, now our tax dollars pay for them to be put into the schools and read by our youth. Its not litature, its trash.

#12. Did you know some districts now have smoking areas for their students????