Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Farming Sort of Day

This afternoon we spent several hours moving a bull from one pasture to another and working on a fence row.  We had intentions of moving Spot up to the feedlot and into a stall, but after we got him moved into the big pasture where the other cows were, he decided to stop and remind the other bull who the top bull was.

 Both bulls are tame, will come when called, and eat from your hand.  But, when they get in their moods, I'm not about to get into the middle of it.  The lighter one has horns, but Spot outweighs him--so its about even.  I don't want poked or stepped on.

Their idea of a bull fight is to put their heads together and push.  We threw some feed down for them, and that is what started it.....they had to argue over who got to eat first.  Patrick (born on St Patty's Day 3 years ago)  the smaller bull was winning so Spot had to wait his turn to eat.

Then they headed to the pond, and had to go through their ritual all over again to decide who could drink first.  Spot won that round.

Hopefully by tomorrow they will have calmed down enough that we can get Spot moved up to the feed lot and into a stall.

Since we fed (bribed) the cows with feed, we had to feed everyone else as well.

As we were heading back up towards the house and barn, Duke (black lab) came running by with a large cow bone in his mouth.  I've seen the dogs fight over a bone before....but never have I seen a horse want a bone....until today.  Double saw him race by with the bone and started to chase him.  Duke stopped to start gnawing on his bone, and Double tried to take it.  Duke picked it up, backed up with the bone, and Double came at him again....The horse actually tried to take the bone from the dog.  Weird.  This is the same dog that likes to play keep away with us when we throw him his toy.  He almost brings it back to us, then makes us run him down to get it.

Duke does go out into the pasture and chase the  horses.  And, they chase him back.  It is almost like they are playing tag or keep away.  So, I guess the bone was just part of the game.

I also went out to check the other farm.  I found an ever green tree, that has blue berries on it.  Not sure what type of tree it is, but it smells very good. Tomorrow when I go check it, I will take the prunners and bring some of the branches back to decorate with.
The color is off on this due to the bright sunlight--the needles are bright green, and the berries, bright purplish blue.

It also has a birds nest hidden in it.

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