Thursday, November 29, 2012

Stocking Stuffers for the Guys

Yesterday I spent some time with a friend, and the topic came up of what to give for stocking stuffers.  We had a few ideas, and I thought I'd share them.  This list is what to get the men in the family.

  1. Batteries
  2. Flashlights (because us girls borrow and lose them)
  3. Tire gauge
  4. hot sauce or BBQ sauce (especially for those 'grill masters')
  5. belt buckle
  6. socking hat or ball cap
  7. gift card to his favorite theatre, restaurant or store
  8. small tools
  9. pocket knife
  10. small bottle of his favorite cologne
  11.  soap on a rope
  12. gloves
  13. gum
  14. deck of cards
  15. ammo or arrows (if he shoots)
  16. toothpicks
  17. socks
  18. fruit
  19. nuts
  20. hard candy
  21. coupon to get his automobile detailed
  22. snow scrapper
  23. key chain
  24. car leather cleaner
  25. personalized checkbook cover
  26. Does he collect anything?  How about something to add to his collection?
  27. coffee
  28. CD from his favorite music group
  29. DVD
  30. metal or wood puzzle
  31. tickets to a football game
  32. tickets to a basketball game
  33. pocket sized devotional book
  34. box of his favorite Girl Scout cookies
  35. golf balls
  36. golf tees
  37. ping pong balls
  38. tee shirt
  39. pass to his favorite attraction (museum, park, art gallery)
  40. billfold
  41. seed packets if he is a gardner

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