Sunday, November 4, 2012

A Message for Emilee Irski

Emilee Irski, 

There are a lot (a whole lot) of people very worried for you and praying for you.  I am a mom, to 5 daughters.  I can not even begin to imagine what your family is going through.  

To worry about a child who lives away from you, regardless of if they are at college, in a different town, or even a different county is one thing.

But, to not know where you child is, or if they are dead or alive is another.  Its a feeling no parent or sibling or family member should every go through.

You are not in trouble, no one is angry with you.  We only pray that you are ok and can see this message.  We beg you to contact someone, anyone that you know and let them know you are ok.  If you need help, you will have help sent to you.   If you don't want to contact your family, you can send a note here, as a comment.  But, please also put something that only your family would know, to verify that is is indeed you writing.  

We are coming into the holidays, a special time for families.  I am sure your family wants no other gift than the gift of knowing you are alive and safe.  Please, send word.  

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