Thursday, October 11, 2012


Summer is fading, and fall is arriving here in farmland.  The leaves are turning and falling.  Hopefully I have mowed the yard for the last time.  The garden is finished for this year, except for some cabbage which is happy to see some cool temperatures.  The corn (such as it was after this summers drought) has been taking in, and the beans are being worked on as I type.  Normally the cows get turned into the cornfields to graze, but not this year.  The nitrates in the corn are too high from the lack of summer rains, and for the cows to eat them would cause death.

Our family has been going through some of life's seasons.  In a 3 week period, we have or are about to experience 2 funerals and 2 weddings.  A friend is also expecting a baby, and another baby just arrived.  The past year our family faced that hard first year loved ones experience after someone passes.  We went through that year for 2 family members-gone, but never forgotten.  Some family friends of ours also faced that first year.  My husbands family is just beginning to face that first year as he lost his aunt last week.

Life goes on, just as the seasons continue to cycle round and round.  Sometimes life is rough and not easy, and sometimes the summers are hot and dry and the winters cold and wind.  Sometimes life is wonderful and sweet and we have gentle springs and perfect weather.   It is all as God planned it.

But, memories are still here.  Memories of better days, no sickness, holidays, dinners, stories and jokes.  Our mind plays pictures of the past daily.  Take pictures, write down the stories and memories.  Tell the next generation.  Pass it on down.

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syds1girl said...

How true these statements are. I pray for you as you go through the changes. My dad passed away less than three years ago and it's still hard to believe that our "Rock" is gone to be with the Lord (thankfully, with the Lord). My mom is just now grieving, as she has memory issues, and this is hard to watch. If not for her unfailing trust in the Lord, she would not make it through, I feel. I will try to faithfully pray for you and for your family during these days.