Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Buddies on the farm

We have a old, old black lab, Bo.  He is lame after a run in with a UPS truck, and only has had the use of 3 legs for several years.

We have a little black kitten, who got up into the motor of my car and jumped out miles from home.  She was missing for almost a week when we found her beside the highway.  She was healthy when she disappeared, but lame when we found her.  A trip to the vet and a round of steroids helped some, but she still has only half use of one of her front legs.

Since the kitten got injured, the dog has become her best friend.  This is how they sleep when it is chilly.  Rebecca snapped this picture of them napping a few minutes ago.

The younger lab, Duke likes to chase the kittens now and then, and this one runs to old Bo for protection.   Duke won't dare chase the momma cat, as she will turn and slap his nose with her claws out.  More than once she has sent him off, whimpering and crying.

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syds1girl said...

THAT is so sweet!! I love Bo and the black kitten!