Monday, October 29, 2012

Prayers for those in the path of Sandy

Prayer for those who are in the path of Sandy.  Some sources are saying Sandy may be more destructive than Katrina was.  I have several friends who are expecting a visit from Sandy but they all seem to be prepared.  They have food and water stocked up, laundry all done,  food storage that doesn't require electric to prepare, blankets, some windows boarded up and more.

The soldiers guard the Tomb of  the Unknown Soldier during all weather.

I found this awesome picture on facebook.  Sadly, I don't know who to credit it to, as it had no name.

We don't get hurricanes in Missouri, so I can only relate to this as a huge tornado that lasts a lot longer, and with more warning.
This picture comes from WTNH News Channel 8, in  Milford, CT with 13-15 ft trampoline on power lines!

Battery Park, Manhattan. The center of the storm is still hours away...Photo by George Takei
We are following the hurricane as a science lesson for homeschool.  the National Weather Service has some great information under the education section for both teachers and students, as well as NOAA.

Seaside Heights, NJ - Another view of the coaster is now a part of the Ocean. Before the storm it was on the boardwalk that no longer exists  Photo by Mike Grol

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