Tuesday, September 18, 2012

We've been busy learning "outside the box"

Like many homeschooling families, we don't just study a text book.  In fact, this year, we have NO text books as we are using computer based SOS.  Having our core subjects on the computer has its advantages--first, if we are away from home, it is much simpler to take a laptop vs 7 text books, and second, the girls are getting keyboarding and typing experience.

 We also use other resources for our schooling, such as scouts, youth group, volunteer work and 4H to name a few.  Last weekend, Rebecca and I went to Stewart MO for her to compete in the state .22 shoot which she and her fellow county 4H team had qualified for.  It was a huge event, and I do mean huge.  60 kids at a time shot their .22 on the range, and there were several sets to go through.  Meanwhile, other areas of the range had trap shooting, archery, pistol, hunting skills, air rifle....all going on at the same time.  Some kids were involved in several different activities. 
She shot the 4P (positions) which are standing, sitting, kneeling and prone.
The white boxes ahead are their targets.  She was number 23

Thru 4H and my husband, she has learned gun safety and maintenance as well as shooting.  She is now my snake shooter here on the farm.  Snakes can be a real problem when you have chickens and rabbits.
 I was impressed with the kids, their skills and their behavior.  I think I also lost some weight that day!  1/4 mile walk from where we parked to the club house, then a 1 mile hike to where she had to register to shoot.  Many families took wagons to haul all their guns and gear in, however, no wagon will fit in my little car, which isn't much bigger than a wagon!  It was chilly and overcast, but the rain held off until after we were finished.  We should get the results in a week or so as to how she and her team did.  I am confident that if she had to hunt for her own food, she could do it.

Meanwhile, my one publicschooler, Emily, was also learning outside of the classroom.  I pulled her out of school for 2 days so she could take an online class and a 2 day workshop and testing for the American Heart Association.  She passed with flying colors, and is now one of the  youngest (16) American Heart Association Instructors.  She can teach various CPR levels, all the first aid classes, blood-borne pathogens and more.  She can teach her own classes or assist me when I have a large class that requires a second instructor.  The instructor workshop is one that many adults do NOT pass, so I am proud of her.  

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syds1girl said...

Your children are getting a great education, I can see. Praise the Lord for these opportunities and for all the resources around you.