Friday, September 7, 2012


Today we held the creation workshop for homeschoolers.  We had between 54 and 57 in attendance (depending on who counted).  We had kids, parents, Grandparents and educators.  It was a great group of kids--very very well behaved.  The kids asked some pretty good questions throughout the workshop and some of the adults gave some very good information as well.

One of the creatures we discussed was the black and yellow garden spider, and currently one has set up housekeeping outside one of our garage doors.  I thought of capturing her, and taking her with me, but as I got closer to her with a jar, she seemed to get bigger and meaner looking.  So she stayed home.

Another creature we discussed was the humming bird, which we have several of this year here at the farm.  After they move on this winter, I am going to get one of their nest (I know what tree they are in from watching them) and next time I will have some items for the kids to look at.

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