Sunday, September 2, 2012

We have the pitter patter of tiny new hooves...

Nothing a farmer likes more than to come home and find a new calf.
 We haven't been able to get to close to it to check, "undercarriage", but by the neck line and square lines of the head, we are thinking it is a little bull.  We have named it Liberty, since we were in Liberty when it was born.  (Aren't we original with our names?)

Here is the proud momma and daddy.  Don't tell daddy, but he is next in line for the deep freeze, probably some time this winter.  The rest of our herd is Angus, so we are slowly phasing out the Charolais and Shorthorns.  I think we are going to have another calf in a few months, judging on the appearance of one of the Angus ladies.

Our cows are rather spoiled at times.  I am not sure they even are aware they are cows.  I think they think they are large dogs.

Last night we had sweet corn and one of the girls threw the husks over the fence for the cows.  This morning JD saw one of the ladies at the fence eating it, with a smug look on her face.  He noticed she didn't let on to the others what she had.  To them, its like candy.  She kept it a secret and didn't share any.

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syds1girl said...

Liberty is adorable. I think it's a fitting name. He looks like a proud American bull!
Cute story about the cows and the corn. Smart cow.
Thank you for sharing the nice pictures.