Thursday, December 30, 2010

We got Chicago beat!

Right now it is 62 degrees here on the farm and windy. Very very windy. I have been watching my ducks and chickens, and one of my ducks just flew into the side of the house, thanks to a gust of wind.

The wind and warm weather is nice though, we turned the heat way down and have opened windows for some fresh air.

Today I plan on starting to take down the Christmas decorations, although we usually wait until Jan 1. I am really wanting them down because I want my bedroom back. Since the tree is up in the living room, my bedroom is holding an extra rocking chair and toy box from the living room. The outside Christmas lights will have to wait, as it is too windy to get on a ladder.

Later today I plan on making next years supply of laundry soap. I always make a years worth at a time, but then I give part of it away, so it usually only will last around 6-9 months. For detailed instructions look here. Then, I also plan on going through the clothes the girls have outgrown, get them all mended and washed and ready to donate (that is another pile in a corner of my bedroom that will go away).

That should give me my room back. Did you notice that doing one chore (of cleaning my room), first requires me to do the other chores? (taking down the tree to make room for the chair, making more laundry soap so I can wash the clothes to donate...) No wonder moms don't get much done!!

Last night I made a list of 365 journal entries for next year. I'll post them under my homeschool happenings.

This is the time to save on buying wrapping paper for next year. Also, its a good time to buy marked down Christmas blankets or sheets that you can make cloth gift bags out of. You can make them like a cloth shopping bag, or like a pillowcase with a draw string top. Also, the sheet fabric is great for making next years Christmas PJ's out of for little ones. Much cheaper to do it this way than to buy the fabric.

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