Friday, December 24, 2010

New Life on the Farm

On Thanksgiving, we were surprised with two new calves, which we named Turkey and Pumpkin. Turkey is all white, while Pumpkin is the color of...pumpkin of course! Turkey doesn't seem to know the meaning of a barbed wire fence, and we have found her all over the farm. She just kind of walks right through them. However, she has never left the farm and always comes back when her momma calls her. She is very curious. Pumpkin tends to stay right beside her momma. Once these calves are ready to travel, they, along with their mommas will be moving to Oklahoma.

Last week, on one of the coldest days, Hershey, an Angus, gave birth to twins, which the girls have named Tator and Tot. They will be staying here on the farm. Tator and Tot were born very tiny, much smaller than our black lab. However, they are very lively and eating well.

An interesting note about cows, they all help take turns watching each others babies. While the mommas eat or for a swim in the pond, they send their calves over to another momma to watch. The 'babysitter' cow will even feed them if need be. Sad that cows often take better care of their young than some people. We have also at times caught one of the horses watching the calves, while the mommas are all at the pond. It is rather fun to watch the interaction between the animals. In fact, when the dogs are in the pasture it even seems they can communicate with them also.


Carrie of Farming On Faith said...

Have a very Merry Christmas!

GreenMomma88 said...

That is so cool! So excited about moving to Missouri in June. Then a couple more years and we are done with the military and time for our homestead to start and our homeschool adventure to really take off. Funny, when we started our homeschool blog (preschool currently) we wanted the URL that you have. We settled on and we will be settling down in Missouri. Perhaps...great minds think alike. Merry Christmas.