Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Free sources for homeschoolers (and teachers, and kid group leaders)

I have mentioned numerous times that we get a lot of our resources free. Several people have asked me what my sources are. So, I will start listing some of them, and I am asking my readers and followers to join in and add their sources as well.

A few are not open to homeschoolers, but are open to scout leaders, 4H leaders, public school teachers....I am a 4H leader, and work with scouts and other youth activities, and sub teach, so, often even though I homeschool, I still qualify. Some will also send materials if you belong to a coop and plan to show the video or use the lesson plan in the coop.

Some of these also have an option of sending you an email daily or weekly to update you with what they have added to their site. Many also have links to more sites.

Free videos--there are many sources, but 2 I like the best are:
Video placement, located at and also
Both of the above do request that you give them feedback on the videos.

You can also get free John Stossel in the classroom videos at

A favorite of mine that has lots of useful information, worksheets and links is There website is

Another great resource is our Department of Conservation (state level). For Missouri it is located at but you will want to check on all the links and the entire site as well. From this site, and mailings we are received from them we have learned to identify Missouri trees and plants, and have learned about our wildlife and some Missouri history as well. You can also visit a state park and receive lots of brochures and information as well as talk with a park ranger. Many parks also have free hands on programs for kids as well.

Countrymart Grocery stores also have a neat link--it is really designed to advice you of sales, but they always include a recipe or two. Since my girls are actively collecting recipes for their recipes as part of an ongoing home-ec assignment, we like their weekly emails as well. You will need to ask at your local store what the web address is--ours doesn't actually have a website, but rather a weekly newsletter we receive via email.

Another great online source is your public library. Some even have online homework help, which is nice to use sometimes if your child doesn't understand how you are explaining something. Often hearing someone say the same thing, but worded differently is a great help. Some books are available on line as well as genealogy information.

Freely Educate sends out emails with links for the free resource of the day. Sometimes this one is good, but sometimes I find dead links or expired offers--but is is always worth a try.

Most companies will send you free information and resources if you send them an email. We sent one to Heinz, and got neat books about how they make catsup and relish, as well as some pencils. Georgia Pacific sent us some free rulers and posters about various trees and logging, and how they plant new trees to replace what they log.

My girls each have an "animal notebook". It is a 3 ring notebook and we find the animals online, and either print off a picture of them or a coloring page to color of that animal or draw it (sometimes we add photos also while we are at the zoo. We also fill in a page that tells about that animal. No cost involved.

OK. That is a few of mine that come to mind, but there are thousands of them out there. Also, don't forget sources such as your extension office. Worksheets are everywhere, just google "free worksheets math" or "free worksheets science"...

So, what are some of your favorite ones??

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