Thursday, March 25, 2010

Final snow?

Last weekend we had, what I hope was our final snow of the season. I am now ready for the farm to dry out enough that I can encourage my husband to plow the garden spot for me. I am making my list of what I want to plant this year. The last 2 days we have had rain, so we have a lot of mud and lots of puddles. The duck and the pigs are content however.

We did have a break on Tuesday with no rain, so Elizabeth, JD and I went out and ripped up the split and rotten boards on the decking of our front porch. We replaced the decking with new decking and got the tools put away just an hour before the rain hit again. That is the major part of that job finished. We still have a couple boards we need to replace, but the worse of it is done, and we ran out of decking. But at least we have started on our spring "to do" list. Next is the garden and to finish the chicken pen project.

It has been a little harder to school since the weather warmed up. The girls are wanting to be outside and run, play and ride bikes instead of studying. I can't say I blame them much!

For the most part, spring has been much waited for, except it did bring a leak in the roof. We had some hail damage last summer, and then with the added winter snows and ice, the roof developed a weak spot that started leaking. But, it is better to repair it now, than when we still had snow on the roof.

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