Friday, February 5, 2010

We are breaking down and down and down....

In the last month, we have broken, fixed, replaced or still waiting to fix or replace ALL of the following....

furnace--fixed--thanks Alex and if anyone in the KC area needs a great furnace man, let me know and I can give you his info.

dishwasher--on the to replace list--if I "whack it" just right, it won't leak.

clothes dryer--waiting on Lowe's next sale to be replaced. I already have 3 gift cards waiting to be applied towards the purchase.

suburban--waiting on the husband to have 2 days off in a row where nothing else breaks to over ride it

my cell phone--replaced for free at Radio Shack--AT&T store was going to charge me for it, and said my name was not on the account. So, we went to Radio Shack, who did show my name on the account and told me I actually could get one for FREE since I was due for a regrade--so I now have a new working Free phone!!

My PC and my laptop...I am planning on getting a virus scanner tonight and hopefully that will fix it--I can get to my email, but not to any websites, so downloading a free one off line is not an option at this time.

2 out of 3 of the microscopes quit. I think one is a wiring issue (aka job for my dad), and the other may just be a light bulb that needs to be replaced.

There is a CD stuck in the pick up CD player--it will play but won't eject. Any tips for how to fix that one???

We also lost a cat, rabbit and a calf. The calf was actually a stillborn one we were not even expecting. Not sure how the cat got hurt.

Also needing to fix a fuel line on the big tractor--that's another project on the husbands list.

Oh, and the stove oven has a short in it--sometimes she bakes, sometimes she doesn't. We have a backup stove from my parents in the basement kitchen we are making, but the outlet for it has not been put in yet. But, if worse comes to worse we can switch those out.

So goes life on the farm.

It started snowing last night and is still snowing this afternoon. So far about one inch is on the ground.

Monday night I had a big shopping trip at CVS. (I'm bragging here). My bill started out around $72. Then they took off my extra bucks, coupons and my buy one get one free items. I got it down to $26. After I got home, I realize they overcharged me on the cereal. It was supposed to be 2 for $4.00, and one 2 boxes they did charge me right. But, on the other 2--different type, same brand, same sale, they charged me $4.99 a box, which was the original price. So tonight I will be going back for a refund. Then, they also charged me for 2 boxes I didn't buy at $4.99 each. But, I already called them and we will work it out. That will then bring that bill down to around $10. The trick is to match the really good sale items with coupons and to be in the bonus buck program.

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