Monday, February 1, 2010

Our History Lessons

I was asked to give some more information about our history. All the girls use Alpha Omega Publications LIFEPAC History and Geography. We use 2 sets, the 6th grade set for the younger girls and the 8th grade set for Emily.

Basically the LIFEPAC books come as a boxed set, containing 1 teacher book and 10 - 12 student books. The student books are broken down, one unit per book. Each unit is further broken down into chapters. The student books are those that you can write in, but we don't. Emily's books get passed down to the twins, and the twins do theirs on separate paper. That way, they can be used again or used for tutoring.

Each chapter has a list of objectives and vocabulary words (which make great spelling words). There are self tests every so often. The books are in color and contain a lot of maps and pictures.

The teachers book states how to reach the objectives and gives various Bible verses to look up that go along with the lessons, experiments, additional readings, and of course tests and all the answers.

Right now the girls just finished working on the globe--they learned the longitude and latitudes, continents, time lines, mapping and geography. Next we start the continents in more detail and learn some history of each.

You can buy the LIFEPACS directly from alpha omega at, from a Christian book and school store or off ebay. However, make sure if you go through ebay that you are getting the complete package with the teachers book and all student books.

Expect to pay around $45-$50 per LIFEPAC new. For some, this may seem like a lot, but remember, we don't write in ours--and 3 girls use it. So, that makes it around $16 per girl. Then I can resell them for around $20 when the youngests are done with them. On ebay, I have gotten LIFEPACS for as low as $25 plus shipping.

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Debbie said...

I used Alpha Omega with my older children. It is a great curriculum.

This is my first visit here and must say I got excited to see this post, I have been working on a Geography/History Carnival for about a month now getting it all together. Stop by and link up anytime!