Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Its been complicated

This week has not gone to plan. Not at all.

Sunday, we were hit hard with snow. It was very cold and very windy as well. As a result, roads (and of course our driveway) were drifted shut. It snowed all day Sunday and as a result our church cancelled services. The girls had a friend from church spend the night Saturday night and she went home on Sunday. They had a fun time. They didn't get to sleep until around 2:30 Sunday morning, but since church was cancelled, I let the girls sleep in.

Monday we managed to get out of the driveway and JD, Rebecca and I headed to Liberty. I was shopping for a new clothes dryer. I new exactly what I wanted--the Bosch that went with the Bosch front loader washer I got last year. When we got to Lowe's, we found out it was discontinued. So, I started checking out the others, and saw NOTHING I liked. They all, every brand had chrome all over it. I don't want chrome, for one, its harder to keep clean and besides, we are talking a clothes dryer here, not a Harley Davidson.... But, Jacques (Lowe's rep we usually deal with in appliances) came out with a grin on his face. Said he found something in the back I may be interested in. There she was, my dream dryer, the Bosch in all her glory, about 40% off the original price because she was the floor model and had no box. We bought it. To add icing to the cake, I had $150 in gift certificates to bring the price down further. So, we left the store with the high dollar dryer that I wanted and I paid the only price for a standard dryer.

When we got home, we unloaded it and the girls and I headed for community chorus. (The plan was to get the dryer and most likely install it on Tues because of other commitments we had Monday night). So we had the new dryer sitting in the living room, the old one had been moved from the laundry area to the middle of the kitchen--you know, one of those messes that you usually have going on when either company comes or something happens.

Well, it happened. While we were at chorus practice, my phone and then my daughters phone started vibrating over and over. I ignored mine, after all I was trying to sing. But, Emily being a typical 13 year old could not ignore a text. That is the meanest form of torture to her. Thankfully she disobeyed me and peeked at hers, to see we had been ignoring messages from my brother and husband, who were trying to reach us. My dad had fallen on the ice, landing on his head and was in route to the hospital, where he was admitted. Today is Wednesday, and hopefully he can go home tomorrow. My mom has been staying with him most of the time. My brother went out to the area where my dad fell, and found 3 breaks in the ice--one from his head, and 2 from his elbows. Needless to say, he is sore.

After he fell, he had some short term memory loss, but that has all returned now. For a short time, he could not remember who the president was. But he could remember that he was a republican. Later, he remembered who the president was and said he was wishing he didn't. If you knew my dad, and his politics, you would agree that was a good sign! I have several cousins who like to get my dad riled up on his politics.

Oh, we finally did get the new dryer in on Tuesday afternoon. But the old dryer still has not been carried out-but, at least I can do laundry and we don't have one sitting in the living room anymore!

We are still having computer issues as well. Very often I can't get on line, or cant check my email. I have come to realize and bunch of my email has been lost--my outlook box is empty when it had at least 30 in it the night before that I had not read.

So, basically here at the farm we are now waiting for spring. Hopefully when the season changes so will our luck!! Our schooling has gotten a little behind this week, but we will be able to catch it up. (Actually we have been running ahead on our hours, so it really isn't an issue). We have gotten in our home-ec, a little social studies, our Bible readings, our spelling and a little math. I count Emilys time at the fire station towards her schooling, but we will be missing that tonight as we will be heading back down to the hospital.

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