Friday, September 18, 2009

New semester begins at coop

Today was the first day of the fall semester at our homeschool coop. We started out with a group assembly, so today's class times were shortened somewhat. All the kids were very excited to see each other again. Coop meets weekly on Friday afternoons.

I am teaching two classes this semester, and aiding in a third. I teach "Awesome America" twice (2 different age groups) and then aid in divers ed.

In the past, our coop has offered 4 class periods per semester per student, but this semester we are only offering three class periods. Classes my daughters are taking include Awesome America, baton, debate (a 2 hour block), Prairie Days, yearbook, The People in your Neighborhood, Games Galore, and PE Sports. Our wonderful coop also offers choir, band, photography and many many more classes for newborn through twelfth grade. We have 300 and some students and close to 80 or 90 families (at least those were our numbers last semester). One parent from each family acts as a teacher or a teachers aid. Classes change from semester to semester. In the past I have taught classes on the weather, US Presidents and Missouri.

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