Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mid-Continent Public Library News

This is from an email from the library...

"We are having our first Homeschool Expo sponsored by Mid-Continent Public Library. This will be held, Nov.11, 9am to noon at our new Genealogy Center in Independence, MO.. We are trying to get the word out. It is free to the public. Our objective is to show patrons that we have 19 branches that offer special programming to homeschoolers in a program we call "Discovery Club." Patrons will be able to visit booths of each of these branches to participate in activities or view their programs. We will have a lot of other activities and quest programmers which you can see on the flier which I have included. There will be door prizes and hopefully people will be able to see that our library is truly trying to service homeschoolers. This is a family event and hope that you might be able to pass this on to those you know might be interested.

I would love to hear from you if you have any suggestions or questions. I appreciate your helping us to get the word out on this.

Nancy Huffman
Children's Services Assistant
Mid-Continent Public Library

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