Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Free Magazine, Sorry Pigs, Fences and 4H

If you live in Missouri, you can receive a free subscription of the Missouri Conservation Magazine. But did you know there is also a free magazine for kids? It is the Xplor Magazine and it is also put out by the Missouri Department of Conservation. You can order it online at http://mdc4.mdc.mo.gov/applications/newmomag/default.aspx

Our pigs are rather put out at us right now. For some reason, all 6 of them got it into their heads that they were dogs, because in the country dogs can roam free. They also learned to climb panels like a ladder (in addition to rooting under them). JD and I had planned on reworking the fence over the weekend, but that is when he injured his neck and back. So, we had a couple of homeschooling brothers from our homeschool coop come and work on it. (I would recommend these two teens to anyone. They worked hard and got it done right.) Then we woke up the pigs (who were sleeping in the barn) and moved them back into the pen. It was rather interesting to watch the pigs as they discovered the electric fence. At first, they all gathered into a huddle and just stared at it. In fact, I don't think the pigs slept all night-I think they just stared in disbelief at the fence. Even though they all watched each other get shocked, one by one they had to go touch it and see (feel) for themselves with their nose. Now they are mad...They are acting like we have never seen before--just laying there looking at the wire.

We had our planning meeting last night for our new 4H group. We were very impressed with the turnout. We had 25 families who were either at the meeting, or called/emailed and said they were interested. Quite a few of those who expressed interest are homeschoolers. Personally I think 4H and scouts are two of the best programs a homeschooler can join. There are many activities that can be combined into homeschooling lessons, or that can spark interest in researching an idea further.

This afteroon the girls picked their classes for our homeschool coop which starts back upon Friday. They are excited and ready to see their friends again.

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