Monday, August 3, 2009

"Week of the Cousins"

No, its not a new horror film (not yet anyway)...This is the week that we have the cousins who are all around the same age as our younger 3 girls come and spend a week at our farm. Our week started yesterday.

Yesterday was our annual Shinabarger Espey family reunion in Maryville MO. We had a smaller number than usual, as one was in the hospital, one was with her sister and some went to bike week in Sturgis. But still, there was plenty of good food and visiting. My parents and my brothers family went up several days earlier and camped at Lake Monzingo. The first night that they had the tent up, and huge storm came through and they split up and ended up in the RV with my parents and part in a vehicle for the rest of the night. Typical camping... After the reunion we brought back a suburban full of kids. So, for the week, we have 2 4th graders, 2 5th graders and 2 th graders.

Today we went to the Shatto Milk Dairy in Osborn MO. If you haven't been there, homeschooler or not, I recommend you go visit. If you call ahead, you can arrange a tour. From their store/gift shop they have windows where you can stand and watch them bottle the milk and make cheese. While we were there, they were bottling strawberry milk. (We looked for the pink cows when we left, but didn't see any). We bought some cream and some chocolate milk and strawberry milk. Wednesday we plan on making ice cream and butter with the cream (after we get home from the zoo).

After we visited the dairy, we stopped by the conservation area that is just off of hwy 33. They have several ponds there which are fish and release ponds. The kids had fun exploring the ponds and finding fish in the water. Of course part of the fun was seeing how much noise they could make while stopping on the metal dock.

On the way home we stopped by one of our local cemetaries and visited the grave of Plattsburgs claim to fame--the president for one day, David Rice Atchison.

So far, the most drama this week has been a lost hair brush and lost rubber bands for braces. But, both were found (Yes the bands are on the braces now!!!)

JD has mowed around the swimming pond and around the fishing pond. The girls have gone swimming twice now and Sam helped JD dig some post holes. Later this week they plan to move my new chicken coop and then set up the fence post-(weather providing). Since Sam is the only boy, he and JD are pals this week. Later this evening they plan to go fishing.

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