Monday, August 31, 2009


Combining sales with coupons is really is a good way for single family incomes to save money. Most homeschooling families are single income families or run a business from their homes.

Last week I shopped at CVS and Walgreen. My Walgreen receipt started out at $38. Then off came the Walgreen receipts, then a $5 Walgreen register buck, then my coupons from the Sunday paper. I walked away paying around $10 for 4 deodorants, 3 shampoos, 6 candy bars, 2 boxes of band aides and a Free air wick fresh matic ultra machine.

Then we went to CVS. I got a free welches grape juice and stocked up on rechargeable batteries. I got two brands--for a total of 4 packs of batteries. Name brand ones were on sale for $7.99. I bought 2 because I earned $5 back for spending $15 on energizer products. Then I bought 2 packages of the CVS brand batteries as they were buy one pack, get one pack free. Rechargeable batteries are another way we save money here at our homeschooling farm. We now have (along with what I bought the last time they ran the same sale) rechargeable batteries ranging from 9V to AA, AA, C and D. We now have 2 sets, so one set can be on the charger while the 2nd set is in the camera, flashlights, weather radio and lantern. Before winter I would like to get one more set of batteries for the flashlights. We have our share of ice storms in northern MO. On this trip I also got some free air freshener, and BIC razors for 50 cents.

Anytime I can get a nonperishable item for free or near free by combining coupons with sales I do. As long as it is stored properly, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant, razors and such will have a fairly long shelf life. I would rather get it for free now and store it than pay for it at full price later.

I also don't drive to a store and waste fuel just to get one item. I shop at the CVS that is near the library we visit, and the Walgreen that is near our church. I am not brand loyal except for a few items. Even on those few item may still get them to donate.

Now, for this weeks deals go to I recommend you sign up for a free account. You can select your state for special deals. This site shows you what i on sale and what coupons from your local paper you can use for the very best deal. They also have additional coupons you can print off.

FREE is the best price--Get Super Drugstore and Grocery Savings 8/30 to 9/5

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CVS deals this week include FREE Bic products, FREE Cover Girl products with purchase, FREE glucose monitors, bargains on Revlon, Sally Hansen and Dawn dish liquid.
Walgreens deals include FREE Carefree liners, FREE Colgate toothbrush, FREE monitor, FREE Mens razor system, FREE Rembrandt toothpaste and more!
Wal-Mart deals include bargains on Clairol haircolor, Febreze, 409, Hartz cat treats, Pringles and more.
Rite Aid deals include FREE GE light bulbs, FREE Reeses candy, FREE Listerine, bargains on Clairol haircolor, Maybelline mascara, Emerald nuts, Sea Breeze, and more.
Target deals include Edys ice cream 48 oz. for only 50 cents (or free if you have the Target printable too), FREE Schick razors, only $1.54 for Tide Stain Release, and more.
Find hundreds of deals at thousands of grocery stores across the country with our deals lists in our Grocery Deals by State section !

Newspaper Coupon Preview! There will not be any newspaper coupons this weekend since it's Labor Day weekend.

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