Wednesday, August 5, 2009

We survived the zoo

Today JD and I took 8 kids to the Kansas City zoo. It took 2 vehicles to haul everyone. We took 2 strollers and that was a big help. We had the 2 babies in one, and the food in the other. The kids had blast. It was a little on the crowded side, since it was $2 day, but it was a well behaved crowd. The weather was good, but a little on the hot side after lunch. The morning was overcast, with no rain so that helped. We walked and walked and walked. We should all sleep well tonight. The kids took a swim in the pond when we got home to cool off. I know for a few years it seemed the zoo was getting a "tired" look, but it was clean and had several exhibits that were not there the last time I visited, which was in 1998.

We took a lot of animal pictures which we will print off and work into our animal books. Some were animals we already studied, but we came across a lot of new ones as well.

Tonight we are making home made ice cream, butter and having BBQ chicken wings (from JD's grilling) and watermelon. Earlier this week we got a gallon of cream from Shatto Dairy in Osborn. The kids were all excited to make the ice cream and butter, but no one wanted to crank. So, we replaced the old Daisy for the night with the Kitchen Aide mixer for the butter and are using an electric ice cream freezer.

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