Sunday, May 7, 2017

Tornado Update

My parents came up for a visit and my dad and husband got a bit more fencing done.  Roofers (finally) started today.  It has been a challenge to get going on the roof.  We had rain daily for over a week, then high winds, then back to more rain.  Today they started on the shingles.  The flashing was ordered, but did not arrive, and we still have to locate some siding to match our existing siding.  It was rather interesting that they found someones household heat/ac thermostat in the guttering.

We had a guy come look at the barn to figure an estimate, but we are still waiting for him to give it to us.  Another is coming to look at it tomorrow, and we have been given the names of 2 more who may also be interested in rebuilding it.

Mowing since the tornado has proven to be rather interesting.  First, I have to walk the area.  Then, I have to mow it at the highest setting, then drop the blades and go over it again.  Even by doing all this, I still am finding boards with nails and metal.  Tonight while mowing I found a glass salad cruet in the yard.  Last week I found a doorknob.  I think we will continue to find things for some time.  I still can not mow around the barn remains, there is still a lot of debris and since metal is still coming down with wind, its too dangerous.  We will probably spray to kill the grass, then go over it with a metal detector to get up all the nails that I keep finding.  So far, no flat tires on the mower.

Trees continue to come down in the tree line.  Tonight I noticed there is a hedge tree branch stuck in the weeping willow tree.  And, I think another tree in the back yard has died.  We have been letting people come cut free firewood-we just ask if they can cut a bit extra for us since we are supplying the wood.  We estimated we can probably heat about 12 homes this winter with the amount of wood that is on the ground.  About 5 or 6 have come and cut wood, and you can't even tell they were here.

Meanwhile, the Navy daughter is home for a bit, then she leaves to go to summer semester.  Her ship date falls during the fall semester, so she is going at least one session of summer school, possibly also the shorter accelerated session as well, if there are any classes offered that she needs.

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