Monday, May 29, 2017

New roof is on!!

Finally, the weather  calmed down  with the rain and winds long enough for our roof to be finished.  We had to wait a few days for the back ordered flashing to come in, but it is all done now.  We still have a light fixture above a door to replace-we have it bought, so just needs to be put up.

The fencing around the flower garden is back up--but, I decided to enlarge it some and I bought an antique gate, so we need to get the gate and a couple of panels up, and it will be done (until I get more plants in or want to extend it).

All the trees that came down have been moved to the tree line (we have been letting people come cut wood from it).  Most of the outside play structures have been replaced.  (Still have 2 pieces I need to go pick up)

So, that  mainly leaves the barn.  We have a contractor coming to look at it later this week.

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