Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tomatoes, Corn and Pickles

It has been a busy last few days in the kitchen.  Here are the results from today....

Sliced cucumbers, ready to be turned into bread and butter pickles 

My new Presto canner, paid almost entirely with Walmart Gift Certificates I earned from doing Swaybucks and MyPoints
5 quarts of tomatoes, 1 of tomato juice, 14 jars of corn and 11 of bread and butter pickles.
I would have kept going, but I am almost out of jars (I bought some, just can't locate them-they are in the basement somewhere...but evidently not in the pantry where they belong.)

I also have been drying more potatoes and onions.

I haven't even made a dent it what I want to get done.  Basically, we have eaten the basement pantry down to just a few items.  I like to eat it down, then fill it back up.  Of course I won't can and can't can everything, but will fill in items by the case from Aldi, for things such as olives, mushrooms, tuna, crab meat, salmon, and items not in my garden or found at the farmers market.

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