Friday, July 13, 2012

The under rated important farm hand

Chevelle is supposed to belong to Emily.  She got her as a tiny kitten from her friend.  But, if you know anything about cats then you know you don't own a cat.  So, Chevelle owns our family....  That is just how it is when you have a cat.

She isn't a pampered house cat. My husband is allergic to cats.  She is a more important cat than that.  She is a hired hand on this farm.  We pay her with food, love and attention, and put up with her kittens and their tricks.

Her job is very important--she is our certified critter control specialist, and she is very very good at it.  She is safer than a trap or poison, which could kill our chickens.  She keeps mice out of the grain and feed, and the moles out of my garden beds.

We know she does her job well, as she brings us her captures.  I supposed this is her way of showing her love....Kind of like when our husband brings home the fish or deer after his day of hunting.   Yesterday I was gifted with a mole. (Lovely...)  Today she came running up from the back pasture with what appears to be a huge mouse or a small rat.  EWWWW.    She doesn't eat them, she just likes to deposit them either at the garage door, or by my car door.  Thankfully she does not leave them at the front door (yet), but should you ever come over and find a dead critter present at the door, you will know she is on guard.   She has also caught small snakes as well, and is very good at leaping to catch flies in her mouth.  Never has she gone after my chickens or the rabbit.

I have to throw them out in the fence line away from the house when she isn't looking (I don't want to hurt her feelings).  If I don't, she promptly brings it right back to me, as if to say, "hey, you lost your gopher or mouse, I brought it back, be more careful next time" .

Yesterdays gopher or mole left at my vehicle door..

Today, either a huge mouse or small rat left at the garage door.

Our dogs also serve a purpose.  If stock gets out, they are alerting us, and Bo when younger would often help round them back up-Duke is still working on that skill.  If someone comes in the driveway that doesn't belong here they alert us.  If someone gets into the barn to steal something, the will "feel" the presence of Duke rather quickly-most likely on their rear end.  He has already run off one questionable character, saving me from having to call 911.

They are also very good at carrying firewood from the woodpile tot he house.  I do mean firewood as in logs, no kindling for them.

Of course when not working, they are on recreation duty, playing fetch with the girls.

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syds1girl said...

I lOVED this story of the cat and dogs! Aren't they just treasures?! My hubby is also allergic to cats so none in the house for us. We have lots of coyotes & fishers, with no barn for the cats to retreat to, so have no kitties at this time. Our dog Ruger catches woodchuck, squirrels and chipmunks. Yes, a chipmunk was at my front door yesterday morning.Sturm would like to catch chipmunks, as he watches them from the windowsill (he IS a dog) but his nose gets him into trouble if left outside on his own too long. Eventually we will let him just run, but he is still getting to know the area, so not yet. Well, I loved the post, as you can see!!