Thursday, July 19, 2012

Help us fight the Westboro Baptist Church

If you read my post from a few days ago, then you are aware that two young mothers, who were sisters, t in our rural area were murdered.  The killer confessed and is behind bars.  Tomorrow (Friday) is the girls memorial service.

I am sure you are aware of the Westboro Baptist Church out of Kansas.  They are the ones who picket solders funerals, picketed Joplin after the tornado and more.  It is on their website,  that they plan to picket the service tomorrow.

If you are in our part of Missouri and want to help block them, this is the notice that is being sent around by the woman who is in charge of it.  I know nothing other than what is below:

  • Mt. Zion Baptist Church 5705 hwy Z in Edgerton, Mo
  • The Westboro Baptist Church has posted on their picket schedule that they will picket the memorial service of Britny Haarup and Ashley Key in Edgerton tomorrow! I would like to organize a group to head up there to keep these monsters away from the church and the family! Who's with me?

    Let's try to be there by 6pm. If you live in Smithville and would like to follow up there, try to be there by 5:40 in the City Hall parking lot. Their schedule says they will be there from 6:30-7:45, but we should allow for plenty of time to get organized!

    Also, please remember 2 things: Wear bright colors in honor of the girls and this is a silent counter protest. Do not speak to these monsters, or engage them in any way. We are here just to serve as a shield between them and the family and friends of Britny and Ashley


    a note from the minister, Jeff Hume:
    • Just a reminder: As a pastor at Mt. Zion we want to ask that any counter protests be peaceful and positive. Jesus commanded Christians to "love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be children of your Father in heaven."

      We don't hate these people - to do so would only bring us down to their level. However, we do not have give in to their tactics. My prayer is that we would be at Mt. Zion in support of the families who a mourning and celebrating the lives of Briny and Ashley. In the process we will show Westboro how a community demonstrates love towards others.


Megan Ruhnke said...

I just want you to know that there are so many people who are aware of this and that are going to be out there to support this family and protect them from these monsters. Thank you so much for posting this information!

Cookie said...

we will join you.... are you meeting at city hall in smithville or edgerton?

April said...

If we go (it is my youngest 2 daughters birthday) we will go to Edgerton and it is closer. We are wanting to go, but I am not wanting to take other kids with me other than my own.

Anonymous said...

These people are sick, they are not Christians but a cult. According to the Kansas City Star that did and article on them awhile back, the entire church is only about 40 members, and they are all one family (actually related).

The leader is nothing but a coward hiding behind the name of a church.

People who are non believers think this is religion, and it isnt!! It is the devil at work,

Anonymous said...

I cannot be there as I live out of the state now. I lived not too far away from there and if I could I would be there. I hope enough people show up to form a wall 5 deep around the church and surrounding property. The families shouldn't have to get one tiny glimpse of those awful people.