Saturday, March 31, 2012

How to eat lima beans and peaches when you are 1 year old

Eating lima beans, a banana,  and peaches is easy when you are one, providing you closely follow these steps.

First, you must REMOVE your bib as soon as the big people put you into the high chair.  This is very very important.  Look real cute  and very innocent while you do it.  Fuss if the big people try to put it back on-look sad.

Take a lima bean, bite it in half with your 4 front teeth.  Move it to the back of your mouth and gum it real good. Now, move the shell part back to the front of your mouth and remove it.  Study it real good while you swallow the insides of the bean.

Throw the shell part on the floor.

Repeat 5 to 7 times.

Take a bite of banana now.  Squish some of it between your fingers and study it real good, opening and closing your hand numerous times.  Now rub your banana coated hands on your freshly washed red curly hair.  Be sure to grin real big while you do it, and yell at the big people, so they see what a good job you are doing of putting the squished up banana in your clean hair.

Now focus on the peaches.  Try some and decide you will no longer eat the lima beans.

Hide some of the lima beans under your plate now.  Shake your head no, real big like when the big person puts them back on your plate.

Notice the cat outside sitting by the window watching you from the deck.  Focus your attention there, while pointing and yelling.  While the big people are watching you interact with the cat, drop some of those lima beans on the floor with your other hand.

Throw some lima beans at the cat, so she can eat them-even though she is outside on the otherside of the closed window.  Repeat several times.

Finish the peaches, throw the rest of the beans on the floor.  Finish the bananna or "nanananananan" and wipe your hands on your now sticky, but once clean red curly hair.

Grin, and sign "all gone".  Put your hands up for the big person to get you, and act surprised and upset when they come at you with the wet washcloth.

Repeat in a few hours at the next meal.
For added entertainment for the big people, or if they look like they need more exercise, throw your plate and cup on the floor several times.


Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Rebekah said...

LOVE IT!!!!!

Rebekah said...

love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

syds1girl said...

SO funny!! love the description, perfect.