Saturday, March 10, 2012

Farm Update

Yesterday was a busy day here at the farm.  We hired a couple of boys to help with fencing the top layer of the chicken pen.  We are now past the halfway mark on this ongoing project.  We have one side left to fence the top layer of (bottom layer is done), a new gate to make, and then to throw the net over the top.  And it will be done.

I have now planted my ginger, some lettuce, and have 64 strawberry plants coming up.  Since it could still freeze (It snowed and sleeted early Thursday morning, but was gone by noon) I put a not too thick layer of straw over them.  My plants inside are coming up as well too, and should be ready to transplant outside at their proper time.  I have some volunteer onions and garlic coming up (due to the mild winter, and 2 heads of cabbage).

It appears my blueberries made it, so I will try and add a couple more bushes this year, as well as more grapes in the orchard.
Strawberry bed
My helper.  In her feline mind, the only reason I filled the wagon with straw was strictly for her lounging pleasure....When I would go to pull some out, she would try and hold it down with her paws....

Strawberry bed after it was covered with straw.  We could easily get more snow, ice or another freeze.
Everything this year will be raised beds, unless I decided to keep the corn out.  I haven't decided on the corn yet.

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